it’s time to disrupt disruption — from the perspectives, insights and lessons learned of those who are in the trenches, day in and day out

Disruption has become a “tofu word”. Like the coagulating soy milk curd blocks, it tastes like nothing until you put sauce on it — when it starts to taste like the sauce. Together with our guests we unpack the first principles which lead to disruption, examine the implications and delve into proven, practical and hands-on advice.

Disrupt Disruption is the (working) title of Pascal Finette’s upcoming book on the Immutable Laws of Disruption — and the name of our podcast, where we interview thought leaders and practitioners.

“What is overrated is the question if it is really possible to be planful, thoughtful, effective, well organized, and linear in managing disruptive change? When you talk to the people on the front lines, they will tell you that it doesn’t look like what it is being described as in the books.” — Andy Billings, Head of Profitable Creativity at Electronic Arts

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