Hemali Vyas

Project Development Leadership, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Disrupt Disruption

Hemali Vyas

Hemali is an industry-agnostic Multipotentialite with 30+ years of experience with in-depth technical and business acumen across different organizations. She is known for her thought leadership in Strategic Execution which includes strategic assessment, planning, governance, and implementation of complex systems with robust technical competencies. Hemali currently works at NASA / JPL – Caltech in Project Development Leadership for NASA’s flight projects and mission success and is Chair of the AIAA Space Economy Committee working to bring industry, academia, and innovators together. Hemali has co-founded and been an advisor for various technology startups and owned/operated a business in hospitality.

In our conversation we explore (no pun!) the future of space exploration, and what companies and leaders can learn from NASA.

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