Philipp Pieper

Cofounder & CEO, Swarm Markets

Disrupt Disruption

Philipp Pieper

Philipp is cofounder of Swarm Markets as well as the Swarm Network, an open source project and DAO. Philipp also co-founded Proximic (acquired by comScore), Loop Media (public at USOTC: LPTV) and Bitadel Crypto Trading. Philipp has been engaged in decentralized technologies and crypto asset trading since 2015. He is also a startup investor and mentor e.g. at Singularity University & StartX. Member of the AIMA blockchain committee and Digital Currency Trade Association (DCTA).

In our conversation we dig deep into the behaviors successful “disruptors” show on a daily basis, and why “aubergine people” are best avoided at all cost.

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